We are giving Golf Courses some Incredible Free Tools...

Heard about GeoFencing?
How about Google's Rules of Engagement?
Not understanding these terms will Destroy your Marketing efforts.

Right now there is a Pretty Good Chance your current site is already starting to dissappear.

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FREE Tools for the
Golf Professional


Golf Professionals Marketing

We are giving you some tools you simply won't believe.

Finally, you will have the tools to Market and Engage with your members like Nothing Else, ANYWHERE.


21st Century Systems

The Online Presence has changed and you need to change along with it. We not only have the answer, we have TWO answers, and both are Free.  Begin here.


Next, you get your Choice.

Pulse-out lets you push instant notices to different groups. You can control multiple groups with each getting their own messages. Mens Association has their list, Junior golf theirs, etc.
It also has the GeoFencing feature and beacons can be added. Let's talk.


The Whats-out App

This option is our Flagship product and you could get a Free Listing here as well. A big feature here for business owners is the "Near Me" feature that gets them more customers because it's relevant to their current location.
There are numerous marketing tools here but no push-notification feature so Pulse-out may be your best choice for your needs.
Geofencing and Beacons are also in this system.

This site, sirGOLF.com, is a Progressive Web App.

GolfWest.net is the new Google AMP Technology.

As you will see, the advantage of GoogleAMP format is nearly instant page loads with a feature that lets someone go back and access even if offline.
Want to have a "Lesson of the Month" page? We will show you how to use your Smart Phone (or any camera) and record a video clip that you stream off your GoogleAMP (or Progressive Web App if you have decent connections) where folks can head out to the range and learn.

Have a pop-up message off your App with your GeoFence directing folks to call the restaurant when they hit the #9 Tee Box and order their Lunch at the turn.
Have a pop-up message specific to todays Scramble Event. "We are in a 30 minute Frost delay so proceed to check-in and get your cart assignment."
Push out a message to All your Golfers about a special sale you will have in the Pro Shop.
Push out a message or mini web page, or an announcement to the Mens Group.
Have a separate group that only included your Board Membes or Officers.
Publish your tournament schedule where folks can check it with one click to know what's coming, and they get it in 2 seconds or less.

Welcome to the World of Mobile Engagement

Welcome to The Future

You don't have to choose between the PWA or AMP, you could even use both as both are Free.
Use one as the main site and a subdomain for the second. The thing to remember is you have Total Control.

Regardless, you get your Free Pulse-out system or your Free Listing on Whats-out with no strings attached.

There a a LOT of tricks we can show you.

> You have Total Control.
> You use your existing hosting or we can host as you saw.
> This can be One Click to Publish your PWA or AMP changes.
> Tutorials for How-to in your Pulse-out system.

Consultation. We can even consult with you when you have different things you need, i.e. How to link to a subdomain you have created that is a coupon or special announcement.
Our 24Meeting.com system allows us to video conference and you can allow us the ability to control your mouse clicks so we can SHOW you how to do it and you see it right on your computer. Note that this is only mouse click. We use Zoom conferencing and it doesn't allow any deeper access than mouse clicks and video conference sharing. No chance for a security breach.

But most folks find our online tutorials sufficient and they are always evolving to stay current.

Regarding Video, it's HUGE and the #2 most engaging thing you can do,
ranking right behind Going Mobile Properly.
We have a You-Shoot, We-Render feature.
What about your course tour like this?

Play the River

Play Birch Creek