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Golf Professional

We are Giving you some incredible tools

There is a lot here, you might want to take a little time to Digest it all.

Here is just an Introduction

You will have the tools to Market and Engage with your members like Nothing Else, ANYWHERE.

First, see the Main Product.

The Evolution of Apps

21st Century Systems

The Online Marketing World has changed and you better pay attention. In addition to what you get with above, you absolutely MUST consider the Google Rules of Engagement because not doing so will get your website de-listed!
appVOLV has you covered.
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Keep Everyone Up to Date

Our system will let you keep everyone in the loop, on Auto-Pilot.

Below are some examples of what it can do for you.

The App

appSAVE is our Flagship product and we can discuss with you ways to turn this into a revenue generating venture for you.

Let me know if you wish to discuss this. You will be giving your Local Business community a Tremendous tool and earning an income stream, it's a Win/Win. What's not to like?

The Right Message at the Right Time

To the Right Folks

You can deliver the message you need exactly when it's needed.

  • When folks hit the parking lot, have a message automatically delivered to their phones, "Welcome, we are having a 30-minute frost delay. Make your way to the pro shop and get your cart assignments."
  • Folks hit the 9th tee, "Call the Snack bar and place your order. Grab it on the turn."
  • How about one at the range, "Todays tip of the day."
  • How about placing beacons on each tee marker with a full blown commercial, "This is Jake from State Farm. Watch this..."
    Have a full blown commercial and information folks can watch as they wait for the fairway to clear.
    You sell these spots and we can help you, but you keep ALL the revenue.
  • Want to have a "Lesson of the Month" page? We will show you how to use your Smart Phone (or any camera) and record a video clip that you stream off your GoogleAMP (or Progressive Web App if you have decent connections) where folks can head out to the range and learn.
  • Push out a message to All your Golfers about a special sale you will have in the Pro Shop.
  • Push out a message or mini web page, or an announcement to the Mens Group.
This is just the beginning.
The system is yours, you decide what you need sent out and when.
You can log in and do it yourself, or if you prefer, just send an email to us on what you need changed and when, and we'll take care of it.

This site,, is a Progressive Web App. is the new Google AMP Technology.

As you saw on, we have identified some Free Tools to dramatically improve your online presence. No matter what business you are in, from a Mom and Pop grocery to a golf course, the rules are the same. Customers have gone mobile and they want information NOW.
They don't want to wait.
But they also want more...

The advantage of the GoogleAMP format is nearly instant page loads with a feature that lets someone go back and access even if offline.
Push out the messages you want and link to your PWA or AMP site.
Publish your tournament schedule where folks can check it with one click to know what's coming, and they get it in 2 seconds or less.
Easily create separate link, pages or even sites for your different groups.

Bottom line, Welcome to the world of Mobile Engagement, and we'll show you how for FREE.

There a a LOT of tricks we can show you.

> You have Total Control.
> You use your existing hosting or we can host as you saw.
> This can be One Click to Publish your PWA or AMP changes.
> Tutorials for How-to in your system.

Consultation. We can even consult with you when you have different things you need, i.e. How to link to a subdomain you have created that is a coupon or special announcement.

Our system allows us to video conference and you can allow us the ability to control your mouse clicks so we can SHOW you how to do it and you see it right on your computer.

Note that this is only mouse click. We use Zoom conferencing and it doesn't allow any deeper access than mouse clicks and video conference sharing. No chance for a security breach.

But most folks find our online tutorials sufficient and they are always evolving to stay current.

Regarding Video, it's HUGE and the #2 most engaging thing you can do,
ranking right behind Going Mobile Properly.
We have a You-Shoot, We-Render feature.
What about your course tour like this?

Play the River

Play Birch Creek